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Waiting for drake in Fairview

May 3, 2016


Minutes after 7 a.m. on Tuesday, May 3, a light rain was falling on West 8th Avenue, where I was busy extracting returnable beverage containers from an apartment’s recycling blue bin.

I took my head out of the bin long enough to notice the two mallards loitering on the narrow fringe of grass between the sidewalk and the curb, just a few trees east of me—only my second such sighting of dabbling ducks in Fairview!

As I watched this pair, one of them slip-slapped its way across the sidewalk and into the thin cover of a shrub.

The one that stayed behind was the so-called drab hen. She waited patiently for the drake (and I mean the drake, not the Drake) that had ducked into the greenery.

She didn’t move and she didn’t quack. She stood quite still, doing a sort of ballet pointe with her right foot and kept her gaze fixed on the shrub.

For my part, having discreetly taken a photo without causing her distress, I went back to minding my own business, which, as I said at the top, involved thoroughly mining the blue bin for beverage containers.

By the time I looked up again both of the mallards had ducked completely out of sight. Click the image to enlarge it.

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