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Anyone in Canada want my free salad?

May 4, 2016


The Tim Hortons restaurant chain sends me email.

It’s not that I like Tim Hortons so much—I don’t really. But I do like free Wi-Fi and once, long ago, I used the free Wi-Fi in one of their Vancouver locations. It was during the sign-up process apparently when I jumped at the chance to receive a lifelong stream of promotional offers from the chain via enail.

Fortunately, the TimBot doesn’t send out enough offers to be truly annoying and it’s easier to just delete the emails than spend the time unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Today the TimBot sent me email that I felt was worth sharing; it’s titled: “Here’s your coupon for a FREE Salad”.

Basically, it’s an online coupon. One person (and only one) can use the above image to get themselves a free salad (Caesar or garden) to go with the lunch sandwich or wrap that they are buying at Tim Hortons.

All a lucky person has to do is save the above image and put it onto their phone or tablet and show it to a Tim Hortons cashier at time of purchase. The cashier will scan the QR code off the phone to redeem the one-time-use coupon. Likewise, a person could print the image and present the printed copy to the cashier.

As the TimBot says:

This is a one time use coupon delivered to email address [redacted]. Forwarding this email will not create a new coupon code. Once this code is redeemed it will no longer be active.


Please print or save this email on your smartphone. This coupon must be scanned at a participating Canadian Tim Hortons Restaurant to redeem. Valid only at participating Canadian restaurants. Check out our Salads page to learn more.

Please someone, enjoy this salad—I know that I wouldn’t. But all the same, I wouldn’t dream of throwing away food!

And by the way, it appears as though anyone can email themselves one of these free salad coupon from the TimBot Salads page.

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  1. Apropos of nothing, what about that cunning Slovenian spider in the news?


    • You’re referring to the revelation that male Darwin’s bark spiders have been observed performing oral sex on their larger, would-be mates, or, in the nomenclature of science: “regularly salivating onto female genitalia”?

      I’m totally down with it! Usually, when someone refers to one spider “Eating out” another, it means that the female spider has capped off the act of copulation by actually biting the head off of her male partner. So the fact that in this case the male is seen giving head rather than losing his own, represents a nice change of pace.

      Looking forward to intensified research into the private lives of spiders that shows they spoon as well.


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