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Look at these bloomin’ daisy car wheels!

May 14, 2016


If anything could be called “fresh as a daisy” it was the alloy wheel rims on a little blue four-door jellybean car that I saw as I was riding down 16th Avenue, east of Oak Street on Friday, May 13.

The visible wheel disc of each rim was a stylized daisy with eight bright yellow petals arrayed around a central white disc. The petals were formed in strong relief so that the play of light and shadow added dramatic eye-appeal. The centre disk was embossed with the word “Tansy”, rendered in a swooshy style.

These rims are something new in my experience and, in my opinion, long overdue.

There have been relatively few options given to people over the years to personalize their vehicle exteriors and almost none designed to appeal especially to women. In addition to window and bumper stickers, there have been protective “bras” for covering the nose of the car, antennae tips, roof racks, fog lights, pin-striping and, of course, the ultimate pick-me-up of a brand new paint job.

Aftermarket alloy rims also aren’t a new option. But they have almost exclusively been designed for and marketed to guys who want to give their cars and trucks an extra shot of testosterone.

The daisy rims that I saw on Friday were unique, both for the way that they single-handedly personalized a car and for the fact that they were designed specifically to appeal to women. As the Tansy Wheels website declares:

“Tansy Wheels are cool designs aimed at girls that care about their cars and want to stand out from the crowd. They are named after Tansy, the boss’ daughter and it’s all about Tansy’s unique style!”

Horsepower plus flower power equals girl power?


Made you look!

Nothing could’ve set off and complemented the deep electric blue paint job of the car quite like these yellow daisy rims. The effect was completely winning and natural, without the contrived air of headlight “eyelashes” or clip-on reindeer horns (so embarrassing).

I’m sure that the car’s owner is pleased as punch with her distinctive choice of floral arrangements.

Tansy offers two styles of alloy wheel rims: the daisy design (in white and silver) and and another called “Love”, with five hearts cut out of the wheel disk (in silver, pink, black and white). Customers further get their choice of six different colour centre caps.

As Tansy only offers the daisy wheels in white and silver, one of this owner’s choices had to be to to buy the white daisy rims and then have them painted yellow (when you look closely, you can see a little of the yellow paint has worn off).

A market segment of their own

As of 2012, just over 50 percent of licensed U.S. drivers were woman. And, according to various metrics, in the U.S., women now directly purchase anywhere from 39 to 60 percent of cars, and “influence” up to 80 percent of car purchases.

Thus women car buyers have finally grown from a niche market, in the estimation of the automotive industry, to become a “segment” in their own right, which is like calling them a segment of the human race.

Whatever. Women car buyers now represent far too much money and market share to be ignored any longer. Their tastes will be catered to like never before, in the form of New Beetles, crossovers, Smart cars and yes, cute daisy wheel rims.

All I can say is that it’s about time. Click the images to enlarge them.

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