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Squirrel caught in the act—up, down and sideways

June 30, 2016
Houston, we are go for liftoff!

Up, up and away!

Thursday,June 30, I had a rare opportunity to catch a little dark brown squirrel in the act of running up and down a stucco wall. All I can say is WOW!

Actually, there was nothing rare about the spectacle itself.

This wasn’t the first, or even the tenth time that I’ve seen a squirrel run like the blazes up the side of a stucco apartment building. (I will never tire of the sight, no matter how many time I see it though!)

It controls the vertical—it controls the horizontal

It is a squirrel's prerogative to change it's mind.

The squirrel is probably running faster than it would fall.

What was rare was that it was only the second time that I’ve been quick-witted enough to get photographs.

I like how fast the squirrel looks. And looks aren’t deceiving; the squirrel was a lightening bolt of brown fur.

And notice how perfectly straight it keeps its tail stretched out, even as it transitions at full speed from the vertical to the horizontal! Click the images to enlarge them.


Coming in for a landing.

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