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Not your typical “board” driver

August 2, 2016

Here’s something that I’ve honestly never seen before.

Just after noon on Tuesday, August 2, as I was looking out at the traffic from a window seat in the McDonalds in the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue, I saw another example of death-defying driving—Vancouver-style.

Here was a fellow in a silver four-door hatchback sedan, trying to drive with one hand on the steering wheel while using his other to balance a very large sheet, the thickness of quarter-inch plywood, on the hood of his car.

In fact, it was almost certainly a painter’s canvas stretched on a wooden frame—wider and longer than the front end of the car—maybe 750cm by 200 cm.

Even when they don’t impress, Vancouver drivers can still surprise me


I think the smarter stupid thing would’ve been to hold it firmly to the roof.

As you can see, our Vancouver commuter was simply using one hand to artfully balance the canvas on the hood of his car as he drove, No ropes, no bungee cords, no sense whatsoever. He was trusting to dumb luck that a wind wouldn’t pull it out of his grip or flip it up against his windshield.

There are good reasons why racks are mounted on car roofs rather than on car hoods; visibility being one of them. The way this driver was holding the canvas on the slope of his hood, at roughly a 20 degree angle, gave him no more than the top half of his windshield to see through.

And did I mention that it was just beginning to rain?

If he managed to get to his destination in one piece then this fellow had quite a story to tell his friends. And if he didn’t, then he likely had some serious explaining to do to accident investigators—if, that is, he was in any shape to talk. Click the image to enlarge it.

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