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New Mac rosti burger and waffle fries—dull and dangerous

November 22, 2016
Value meal order of a Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger and Medium-size Waffle Cut fries.

Medium-size order of Waffle Cut Fries and a Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger.

As part of a limited-time “Season’s Cravings” promotion, McDonald’s Canada is offering two new menu items: a “Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger” as well as “Waffle Cut Fries”.

To get right to the point, I tried them both so that you don’t have to.

A hash brown burger is like a dull book on a dry topic

The Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger—all there is to it.

The Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger—all there is to it.

The first thing to know about McDonald’s Canada’s new Potato Rosti And Bacon Burger is that the “Rosti” in the name is a just a larger version of the standard hash brown patty offered on the McDonald’s Canada breakfast menu.

In case you’re wondering (I certainly was), rösti (or röschti) is the name of a potato fritter dish in Switzerland and what McDonald’s Canada calls a hash brown is, in the UK McDonald’s Breakfast wrap at least, referred to as a “potato rosti”.

None of this explains why a Eurocentrically-named concoction (or cock-up, depending on your tastes) is being offered only in the McDonald’s Canada chain over the Christmas holidays but that appears to be the case.

The “Burger” in the Potato Rosti And Bacon Burger appears to be a Quarter Pounder beef patty. This is topped with a square slice of process cheddar cheese, a large rectangular hash brown patty, a garnish of hickory-smoked bacon shreds and finally a few squirts of a Parmesan sauce. This is all sandwiched between what McDonald’s calls a “snowflake bun”, which has bits of baked-in oatmeal and onion and is toasted on the cut sides.

For all that, I found the burger distressingly dry and dull—lacking in any juiciness or notable flavours and almost a chore to eat. I’m not planning to have another one.

If you decide to try this burger, my advice is that you should ask for a packet of Chicken Sauce to dress it with, or be prepared to add ketchup, which, even if it’s not needed to “wet” the burger, will give it a much-needed splash of zest and flavour.

Waffle cut fries—weaponized potatoes


Waffle Cut Fries—no two are the same—just like snowflakes, or shurikens.

The Waffle Cut Fries did not impress me either—certainly not as junk food. They were not even slightly fun to eat; not like, say, curly fries, or even normal french fries.

What they were, it seemed to me—being slices of potato shot through with big holes—was a way to fill a fry box with a surprisingly small amount of potato. In that sense, I might have called them the deep-fried potato equivalent of air-filled soft ice cream, if not for the fact that there was nothing soft about them.

The worst thing that you can do with these waffle fries (besides buy them) is to let them get cold. With so much complex surface area to be fried crisp, they can cool to a temper and hardness that has more in common with pot metal than potatoes.

I was damn near able to use the point of one of these fries to pierce the heavy card stock of the fry box they came in.

There should be a posted warning to the effect that a person could seriously hurt themselves with a room temperature waffle fry!

Such holiday drear fear cheer doesn’t come cheap

Purchased as a meal at a franchise-owned McDonald’s Canada location, the seasonal burger and fries, with coffee, cost just under $10.

The Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger, with medium-size Waffle Cut Fries and a medium-size coffee, subtotaled to $9.39 and with an added $0.47 GST, came to an “Eat-In-Total” of $9.86. After a rounding adjustment of -0.01, the final total came to $9.85.

Franchise owners markup the base McDonald’s prices so you could expect to pay a bit less at a McDonald’s Canada-owned-and-operated location but it would still be too much, in my opinion. Click the images to enlarge them.

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  1. A terrible self-sacrifice in the interest of science and nutritional/gastronomic warnings.

  2. Newton Boutlier permalink

    I’d go farther than dull. This burger borders on disgusting. The hash brown…. err, rosti is mushy and extremely greasy. A bigger hash brown is not a good idea.

    I did think the parmesan sauce was good. I would order a burger with the sauce minus the potato. I can’t say enough how bad this hash brown is on this burger.

    • Wasn’t much Parmesan sauce on my rosti burger and what sauce there was honestly didn’t add a discernible taste. I had thought it was mayonnaise or McD Chicken Sauce until I read a promotional description of ingredients. Apropos of nothing, A&W Teen Burgers are surprisingly succulent and flavourful these days!

  3. I had one of these yesterday. My wife didn’t want to eat a lot of it, so she cut away and ate a quarter which let me see a cross-section of it. First thing I noticed was this “parmesan sauce” (which I thought was just some kind of mayonnaise-based sauce like in the chicken burger). From its appearance I thought it was cream cheese. Taste-wise, I was not impressed. The potato patty was really bland, and you could hardly recognize it as being potato-based. I had a big problem with the sauce: there was so much of it, that all the other ingredients started sliding around, the result being even if you ate the burger VERY carefully, stuff was slipping out of the bun and the sauce ended up getting all over over my fingers. I think there was a quality control issue with the sauce at this particular location, because I spoke to a friend who said she had one of these burgers at a different location and she kept wondering why there was not ENOUGH sauce on it. I did NOT order the waffle fries, it didn’t make sense to me to eat potatoes again considering there was already a patty in the burger. I ordered a Caesar salad instead.

    • Good point about the excess of potato. It occurs to me that I would’ve enjoyed my Rosti Burger much more had I also ordered the side Caesar salad instead of the waffle fries…and put the salad on the burger.

  4. Dull and Dangerous. That could replace I’m Lovin’ It.

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