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A brief word from children about happiness, empathy and lemonade

January 21, 2017
When life hand you lemons, Marky know what will make you feel better.

When life hand you lemons Marky knows what will make you feel better.

Yesterday (January 20) a homeless fellow who regularly sleeps and panhandles in front of the Toys “R” Us store in the 1100 block of West Broadway Avenue was handed a folded-up letter, which read:

Marky: “daddy, look there’s a homeless guy on the sidewalk with a hat collecting money”

[homeless guy in sleeping bag with hat… cardboard sign: homeless, not hopeless]

Marky: “he’s sleeping, he must be tired”

Marky: “can we give him some money so he can buy lemonade?”

Marky: “because if we gave him some money, he can buy some lemonade and then he will be happy. When he’s happy he will buy a house and he won’t be homeless anymore! We can help him!

#childrenarebeautifulminds #positivemindset #helpingthehomeless #inspiration #happy

And the homeless guy was happy. When he unfolded the letter to read it he found that in addition to the sweet sentiments recounted above it contained $100—more than enough to buy himself some lemonade!

Sweet story. Kids say the darndest things don’t they?

Now back to the Donald Trump coverage, already in progress. Click the image to enlarge it.

One Comment
  1. Awww…. that is the best thing I’ve heard today and please the “t” word kind of ruins my day. Thank you. Smiles


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