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It’s snowing—no fault of you-know-who

February 3, 2017
The wintery scene this morning on West Broadway Avenue at 7:48 a.m.

The wintery scene on West Broadway Avenue at 7:48 a.m. this morning.

Snow has been falling steadily across Metro Vancouver since early this morning (February 3) and try as I might I can find no single overarching thing to blame it on, beyond ordinary cold air.

Apparently there is no El Niño weather pattern at present and I can think of no way to pin it on the hombre-niño in the White House—despite the snow having obvious Trump-like qualities of being cold, regressive, disproportionately hard on the poor and unwanted by a majority of voters.

Any snow is mildly unusual for Vancouver but the fact that this snow isn’t even remotely connected to, or about Donald Trump makes it especially unusual.

For over a month now, virtually everything, it seems, has been about the blustering new President of the United States—all the news sources I read can’t stop writing about him. My friends can stop talking about him and the people I follow on Twitter can’t stop Tweeting about him.

Even in the back alleys there’s no escaping Donald Trump


Anti-Trump propaganda that I found in a paper recycling bin last night.

I can’t even escape Trumpomania when I’m in the back alleys doing the whole homeless person thing of looking through the dumpsters and recycling bins for returnable beverage containers and other valuables.

Last night, for example, while I was checking the recycling blue bins along the route that I take to my parkade sleeping spot, I found blaring Trump headlines in each of the newspaper bins. And in one particular paper bin I found black and white protest leaflets, obviously spit out of someone’s home printer, which read:

“No! This fascist regime must be stopped before it starts”

Even though I live in Vancouver, Canada, and even though the strong wording doesn’t explicitly name the new U.S. Demander-in-Chief, I still have no doubt about which “regime” the leaflet is referring to.

All of this constant trumpeting of alarm and panic is having an effect. It’s making me feel like I’m living in a constant low-grade emergency. I’m keyed-up, like I’m in a permanent state of pre-fight-or-flight. Almost certainly my adrenaline levels are elevated.

It’s exhausting to tell you the truth. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. brouillardesque permalink

    It’s even more exhausting than listening to all and sundry weather prognosticators whingeing and otherwise emoting over whatever phenomenon, but especially snow. The best way to deal with snow is to ensure that everyone has a warm, cozy home and support services to ensure he can stay there. Let’s redirect all that Site C/Port Metro Vancouver/Massey Bridge money so that you can come back in from the cold. See? problem solved. Now, if I can just get my darling wife to shut off the news broadcasts…


  2. I hear you. Made me look for past presidents with conscience last night such as JFK speech in Berlin. I ignore him completely even when he wasn’t in the office.


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