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That dragging feeling first thing in the morning

February 9, 2017

Revolution Resource Recovery truck, number 229 on West Broadway at 9:38 a.m.

This morning (February 9), those of us who were watching rush hour traffic from the comfort of a seat in the McDonald’s restaurant in the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue were rewarded with the modestly interesting sight of a waste-hauling truck dragging a fluorescent orange traffic cone in its undercarriage.

According to various sources on the Internet, a three-axle garbage truck like this is designed with enough power to easily haul a maximum load of over 30 tons of garbage. So what’s one traffic cone, more or less?

Thinking about the sort of stuff (like traffic cones) that might get stuck under a garbage truck gives me a bit of a frisson, I’ll admit.

I imagine how the driver might not even notice they were dragging something, unless whatever it was also made a gawdawful racket—something like: “Oh help me! Help me! I’m stuck under your truck, along with my bicycle and trailer!”

Not that I admit to worrying overmuch about such a thing happening to me when I’m riding my bike and trailer in rush hour traffic.

But I also imagine that I would have to yell really, really loud to be heard over the engine. Click the image to enlarge it.

One Comment
  1. Ethan permalink

    Spotted your bike and trailer at this location on Google street view!!


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