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Spring really is here—just not all day yet

February 28, 2017

A bit of fluffy snow is no match for this blazing spring bloom.

Don’t be fooled by a second consecutive morning with snowfall; spring has definitely come early to Vancouver.

It’s true. Hear me out.

Once again today (February 28) you will notice that the snow ended by 10 a.m. sharp and I have no doubt whatsoever that the rest of the day and evening will be as spring-like as it was yesterday and the day before.

Vancouver’s flaky winter is all but over

Look closely, you won't see much more of this stuff.

Look closely, you won’t see much more of this stuff in 2017.

What our morning-only snow showers tell me is that wintertime is no longer full-time. Winter’s hours have clearly been reduced to only one or two shifts a day, with spring stepping in early to take up the slack.

Don’t ask me why Vancouver’s winter of discontent has had its hours cut so early and so drastically—perhaps it’s being punished for all the suffering that snow caused us in December and January.

Brave Vancouverites stoically enduring the last gasp if a particularly severe winter.

Vancouverites today stoically enduring the last gasp of a particularly severe winter.

Whatever the reason, I’m certainly not going to shed any tears; it couldn’t happen to a nicer season (if you know what I mean).

And besides, in today’s climate, one sees the same thing happening everywhere—I mean traditional full-time positions being replaced with part-time shift work. Why should seasonal employment—whether hibernal or vernal—be any exception? Click the images to enlarge them.

My homeless friend Ivan at 9 a.m, waiting out the "blizzard".

My homeless friend Ivan at 9 a.m, waiting out the “blizzard” in McDonald’s.

  1. Love the ice crystal picture. I can feel the cold through the screen. Brrrrrrr…..

  2. Can I call it spring weather if the temperature gets above 0℃?

  3. I grew up in North Carolina. Spring is when the dogwood trees bloom and the ground is covered in white petals.

  4. I’m amazed at the millions of people who endure the cold temperatures of the northern latitudes. They must be very resourceful to find ways to survive through the winter.

  5. Vancouver must feel mild by comparison.

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