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Dinosaur sighting in the Fairview neighbourhood

March 22, 2017

Seeing a Tyrannosaurus in a truck is unusual. Seeing one in a bus would be amazing.

Just before noon today (March 22,) I spotted a large, animated and rather noisy Tyrannosaurus rex driving westbound through the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue. The unexpected ochre-brown apparition turned north on South Granville Street, in the direction of downtown Vancouver. I assumed that I had seen the last of it. I was wrong.

At 12:30 p.m the T.rex reappeared in the westbound lane, this time turning south on Granville Street. Less than 15 minutes later it again sped through the 1400 block, this time in the eastbound lane.

I stopped keeping track after that. A dinosaur in Vancouver traffic is novel only up to a point.

Marketing or prehistoric road rage?

The reptilian rider was rearing up and down and yelling something—possibly directions.

The so-called “tyrant lizard”, best known as the star of the 10th highest grossing media franchise in history, wasn’t behind the wheel of the pickup truck, it was behind the cab in the open cargo area. It stood on its hind legs, rearing up and down and roaring like a Cummins diesel engine—like any typical backseat driver.

It was easy for me to imagine that all the circling the block and sounding off was because the celebrity saurian was sore about being unable a find a suitably Jurrasic parking spot. After all, good street parking around the South Granville area has been largely extinct for ages.

Possibly though, the whole thing was just a marketing stunt. A sign on the driver’s side of the truck advertised the Vancouver Gem and Mineral Show coming up this weekend at the PNE. Click the images to enlarge them.

Monstrous and loud, with orange skin and such tiny hands—sounds familiar.

  1. Martin Dunphy permalink

    Just as a nitpicking aside, Jurassic Park isn’t the highest grossing media franchise in history, It is actually tied for 10th, albeit with some variables to take into consideration (like the gross receipts from its last film, which would still only take it into eighth place or so.)
    Pokemon is way up there in the number-one spot.


    • Thank you Martin. Your are right of course. I’m guilty of quickly skimming my source, which actually said the same as you. I’ve corrected the copy and linked to the list of highest grossing franchises.


  2. Yup, the bus I was riding at Metrotown was accosted by this Dino.


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