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My spring haircut was so…21st century

March 24, 2017

Pretty as a picture? Nope. Just pretty short hair, evenly and easily cut in less than 10 minutes.

Yesterday evening (March 23) I cut my hair. There’s nothing normally newsworthy about this fact—I’ve cut my own hair many hundreds of times over the last 30-some years.

What was noteworthy about last night’s haircut was how quickly and easily I did it using a novel kind of hair-cutting doo-dad, which I found yesterday afternoon complete in its original box and sitting on top of a dumpster where, I’m assuming, some kind Fairview resident left it.

The thing is branded as a Conair For Men Even Cut. It has apparently been sold in North America since 2011, while at the same time in Europe it has been branded as the Babyliss For Men Easy Cut.

Basically it’s a lawnmower for your head

The Even Cut with one of the clear snap-on cutting guides attached.

The Even Cut is a uniquely designed cordless rotary hair clipper meant to allow anyone to easily give themselves a basic brush cut.

The thing is bell-shaped, with comb-like scissor blades arrayed around the inside of the mouth of the bell.

The first thing you have to do is charge the internal, high-capacity Lithium-ion battery. The very first charge out of the box should be for something like 16 hours, according to the the manual and Conair’s video how-to.

Once the Even Cut is charged, you turn it on and simply sit the mouth on your head and move it around to cut your hair. You keep doing this until all your hair is cut to the same length. A full charge lasts about 20 minutes, which is twice the time it took to cut my hair.

Between adjustment settings and two different snap-on cutting guides to raise the distance of the blades from your scalp, hair can be cut to four different lengths—from 0.318 cm to 1.27 cm.

The business end of the Even Cut showing the rotary comb blades.

There are two main operational rules. First, your hair has to be short to begin with. You can use the included hair shears to roughly hack off excess hair to a general length of 3 centimetres or so.

Secondly, you need to keep the Even Cut flat on your head, which is what it wants to do by design.

All you do is move it around—left-to-right, in  circles, or however you like—the blades cut in any direction. You can push it behind your ears all you want without any worry of cutting yourself, because the blades face inwards and are always parallel to the scalp.

The Even Cut works quickly, safely and fairly flawlessly—and with little need for a mirror—you just keep pushing it around until no more hair cuttings fall.

Everything that came in the box, including hair shears, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a bib, and a carrying case.

The debris that is produced is mostly compact clumps of very short hair. Some cuttings will fall by themselves and others with stay inside the bell of the Even Cut; these can just be shaken out as you go.

The limits of the design preclude any fancy tapering effects and a person will still need to use the included hair shears to touch up the hair line, particularly at the back and an actual razor may still be needed to take those pesky little hairs off the neck.

Otherwise, if all a person wants is uncomplicated short hair then the Even Cut represents a fast and idiot-proof way to get the job done. The design is intelligent if not downright innovative and the build quality is good and solid. For its price tag of something under $50 a person could easily get their money’s worth in dozens of saved trips to the barber.

That the Easy Cut is small, cordless, works fast and gives good results without a mirror makes it ideal kit for a homeless person such as myself.

It was very considerate of someone to leave it out for one of Fairview’s binners to find and I’m grateful that I was the one who did.

In fact it’s far too good to keep to myself and in the coming weeks I will be selectively sharing the gift of fast, no-fuss spring haircuts with select homeless friends. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. That seems like quite the gadget, good haircut. Way to stay fresh and cool. We would your feedback on a few of our shorts at our blog Gastradamus. Please come on by and share your thoughts on some of my literature. Hope to see you there


  2. What a find. With your hair short, I will not recognize you next time I pass by McDonald’s.


  3. That’s a really cool gadget.


  4. Wow! That´s a great find! I´ve been cutting my own hair all my life and really don´t see the use in spending hundreds of dollars every year to have someone else do it.


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