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The “Tetris effect” of the old Broadway Plaza

April 7, 2017

There’s a curious patchwork appearance to the glass paneled southeast facade of the Broadway Plaza at 601 West Broadway Avenue.

On March 20th, I noted that 136 of the facade’s 153 largest window panels were a reflective amber colour, while 45 randomly distributed panels (a little over 29 percent) were plain glass.

Seen up close, the mixture of dark and light glass has a sort of monochromatic Mondrian vibe but viewed from across the street it strongly reminded me, at least, of a game of breakout or Tetris, as played on an old no-colour, no-resolution, Nokia feature phone of the late 1990s.

I’m guessing that the two kinds of glass mean that it’s proven to be something of a pain over the years to replace the amber-hued panes of reflective glass which originally made up the entire facade when the Broadway Plaza was completed 38 years ago, in 1979.

And judging by the long, taped-over crack I saw on March 20th in one of the facade’s remaining 136 amber panels, I’m also guessing that the number of plain glass panels will shortly rise to 46. Click the image to enlarge it.

  1. Are you aware that photo when you appeared in WP Discover appears in Knowledge Network?


    • Must be stock photography, along with the other photos illustrating that Knowledge Network page. I particularly like the disproportionate scaling of the Science World/Telus World photo so that the “golf ball” looks more like the “egg”.


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