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A dog’s breakfast and a geese piece—an urban critter update

April 13, 2017

All dogs may go to heaven but unless they’re service dogs they may not go into McDonald’s (which, I have no doubt, smells like heaven to a dog).

From my window seat in a McDonald’s restaurant this morning (April 13) I saw and photographed the latest in a long line of pooches forced to patiently wait outside while their owners take time to grab some fast food.

As I took its picture the dog looked up at me with hungry eyes.

Using precedent as my guide, I would say, however, that it was unlikely anything was being grabbed for Fido here, which is a real shame.

I mean, If all that stuff about being man’s best friend really was true then you’d think that “the Man” would at least throw his (or her) BFF a succulent sausage patty but no—”a dog’s breakfast’ is rarely on the menu at McD’s.

A Canada goose may be missing his missus

Nary a quaver. A solitary and silent Canada goose silhouetted against the morning like an up-facing eighth note.

In other news about sitting and standing animals, on my way to breakfast at 7:11 a.m. this morning I witnessed a somewhat singular sight: one lone Canada goose standing quietly atop the Staples building on the alley side of the 1300 block of West Broadway Avenue.

I say singular because quiet and alone are two qualities which I do not normally associate with these gregarious and social birds.

Canada geese mate for life and—having done so—they become virtually inseparable companions.

Once joined, a pair of Canadas rarely seem to let each other out of their sight, or out of earshot, for that matter—they always seem to have so much to say to each other.

My friend the Green Guy, who endearingly believes that he can tell Fairview’s Canada geese apart, is confident that I needn’t worry; that the goose certainly isn’t worried.

His pretensions of being a goose whisperer aside, the Green Guy makes a good point.

This is the time of year when one of the geese is wont to go off and lay some eggs. This would naturally leave her partner to forage alone for a time for the pair of them.

Perhaps, by July, I’ll see this couple of Canada geese back together again and with the bonus of a couple of fuzzy little goslings to boot! Click the images to enlarge them.

Bonus first ant of 2017, seen on April 11. I expect to see more.

  1. The Goose’s partner is at the lawn of VSB. This one is building a nest.


    • Okay. I should pop down to the VSB myself. I’ve been relying overmuch on reports from the Green Guy who has been telling me that the pair has been absent this year from the VSB lawn. Quite possibly the geese are paying him to spread disinformation. Though I do recall that last year they seemed to spend a lot of time farther east on 10th Avenue, up towards Willow.


      • They come every year. Both hang around, then one disappears. then returns. Don’t see any babies around, though.


      • I remember a few years ago seeing them sun themselves on the road in front of the VSB with no thought to the cars. And while I once saw a family group of Canadas with young on Willow Street all the other goslings I’ve seen have been on Granville Island.


      • They hang around during VSB May Day drill when all staff is out on the lawn. Geese don’t have a care.


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