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Apple isn’t one of the 163 tech companies opposing Trump’s second travel ban

April 21, 2017

Sorting out which tech companies opposed the first and second Muslim travel bans and which opposed both.

As of April the 21st, 163 U.S. tech companies have joined an amicus brief in a Virgina U.S. Court of Appeals in support of the state of Hawaii’s lawsuit, which is blocking and seeking to overturn U.S. President Donald Trump’s second try at stopping all Syrian refugees and people from certain predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

Confusingly, while many of the signatories are repeating their opposition to Trump’s original travel ban—issued on January 26 as Executive Order 13769—only about 121 of the 148-or-so technology companies which signed on to oppose the first Muslim travel ban have yet joined the Hawaii lawsuit against the second one. And some of the companies that have (41 by my count), did not sign the amicus brief against the first travel ban.

Of the 24 companies I count, which signed on to the Washington v. Trump lawsuit but not Hawaii v. Trump, one name stands out by its absence.

Apple, Inc. was a leading tech voice against Trump’s original Muslim travel ban and part of the first group of companies, along with Google, Microsoft and Facebook, to sign on to the Technology Companies amicus brief filed in the Washington v. Trump lawsuit. But, for whatever reason, while the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook have signed on to support Hawaii’s lawsuit, Apple’s name is glaringly absent from the new amicus brief.

Among the U.S. tech companies fighting the second travel ban, which did not fight the first one, the two standouts are:

  • Electronic Arts, Incorported (EA), the video game maker which has a Canadian office in the Metro Vancouver municipality of Burnaby, B.C.
  • Red Hat, Inc., the maker of Red Hat Linux and one of the most successful and important players in open source software.

For the record, here are the companies which had signed the amicus brief filed with the Hawaii v. Trump lawsuit, as of April 19th:

6sense • A Medium Corporation • Adobe Systems Incorporated • AdRoll, Inc. • Affirm, Inc. • Airbnb, Inc. • Akamai Technologies, Inc. • AltSchool, PBC • Amazon • Ampush LLC •, LLC • Appboy, Inc. • AppDynamics, Inc. • AppNexus, Inc. • Asana, Inc. • Atlassian Corp Plc • Autodesk, Inc. • Automattic Inc. • Ayla Networks • Azavea Inc. • Bitly, Inc. • Box, Inc. • Brightcove Inc. • Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. • Bungie, Inc. • CareZone Inc. • Casper Sleep Inc. • Castlight Health • Cavium, Inc. • Checkr, Inc. • Chegg, Inc. • Chobani, LLC • Citrix Systems, Inc. • ClassPass Inc. • Cloudera, Inc. • Cloudflare, Inc. • Codecademy • Color Genomics, Inc. • Copia Institute • Credit Karma, Inc. • DocuSign, Inc. • DoorDash, Inc. • Dropbox, Inc. • eBay Inc. • Edmodo, Inc. • Electronic Arts Inc. • Engine Advocacy • EquityZen Inc. • Etsy Inc. • Eventbrite, Inc. • Evernote • Facebook, Inc. • Fastly, Inc. • Fitbit, Inc. • Flipboard, Inc. • Fuze, Inc. • General Assembly Space, Inc. • GitHub, Inc. • Glassdoor, Inc. • Google Inc. • GoPro, Inc. • Greenhouse Software, Inc. • Greenough Consulting Group • Gusto • Harmonic Inc. • Hewlett Packard Enterprise • Hipmunk, Inc. • IDEO • Imgur, Inc. • Indiegogo, Inc. • Intel Corporation • Kargo • Kickstarter, PBC • Knotel, Inc. • Lam Research Corp. • Light Labs Inc. • Linden Research, Inc. • LinkedIn Corporation • Lithium Technologies, Inc. • Lyft, Inc. • Lytro, Inc. • Managed By Q • Mapbox, Inc. • Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart • Marin Software Inc. • Medallia, Inc. • Medidata Solutions, Inc. • Meetup, Inc. • Memebox Corporation • Microsoft Corporation • Minted • Molecule Software, Inc. • MongoDB, Inc. • Motivate International Inc. • Mozilla • MPOWERD Inc. • NetApp, Inc. • Netflix, Inc. • NETGEAR • New Relic, Inc. •, Inc. • NIO • NY Tech Alliance • Optimizely, Inc. • Patreon, Inc. • PayPal Holdings, Inc. • Pinterest, Inc. • Pixability, Inc. • Postmates Inc. • Quantcast Corp. • Quora, Inc. • RealNetworks, Inc. • Red Hat, Inc. • Reddit, Inc. • Redfin Corp. • Rocket Fuel Inc. • RPX Corporation • SaaStr Inc. •, Inc. • Shift Technologies, Inc. • Shutterstock, Inc. • Sift Science, Inc. • Sindeo • Snap Inc. • SpaceX • Spokeo, Inc. • SpotHero, Inc. • Spotify USA Inc. • Square, Inc. • Strava, Inc. • Stripe, Inc. • SugarCRM • Sunrun, Inc. • SurveyMonkey Inc. • TaskRabbit, Inc. • Tech:NYC • Tesla, Inc. • Thumbtack, Inc. • TransferWise Inc. • TripAdvisor, Inc. • Tumblr, Inc. • Turbonomic, Inc. • Turn Inc. • Turo, Inc. • Twilio Inc. • Twitter Inc. • Uber Technologies, Inc. • Udacity, Inc. • Udemy, Inc. • Upwork Inc. • Via • Warby Parker • Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. • Work & Co. • Workday, Inc. • Y Combinator Management, LLC • Yahoo! Inc. • Yelp Inc. • Yext160. Zendesk, Inc. • Zymergen Inc. • Zynga Inc.  Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. EA, hah, surprise to see this.


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