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A “three alarm” emergency response on West Broadway

June 26, 2017

One of three fire trucks in front of the Simply Computing Store in the 1600 block of West Broadway.

Sometime late this morning (June 26), Vancouver Fire and Rescue crews responded with three fire trucks to an emergency of some sort in the 1600 block of West Broadway Avenue. The focus of the response was the Simply Computing store on the southwest corner of the block.

When I showed up, a minute before noon, Fire and Rescue crews, which had earlier evacuated and cordoned off street access to the Simply Computing store, were just giving the all clear signal for staff to reenter their store.

I asked one of the staff, stuck holding a door for his coworkers, if the emergency response had involved lithium-ion batteries—the store being an Apple-reseller and servicer, was equipped,, as per Apple’s regulations, to deal with the significant fire hazards posed by fully malfunctioning Lithium-ion batteries.

The staff member answered unequivocally that the emergency response had not involved Lithium-ion batteries.

When I asked him what had triggered the emergency response, he volunteered that he thought that it had to do with “something in the mail.” Click the image to enlarge it.

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