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Are we tired of this heat yet?

July 5, 2017

Even automobile and bicycle tires were hot and sticky by 5 p.m. today!

At 6:13 p.m. today (July 5) The CBC News website listed the temperature here in Vancouver, B.C., as 23° Celsius but allowed that it could feel more like 26°.

Actually, at 5 p.m., with the sun in a cloudless blue sky beating down relentlessly on my thick black hardshell bike helmet, it felt to me like the temperature was somewhere in the low to mid Hades, if you know what I mean.

The rubber finally hits the road summer-wise

Helluva thing actually! There were sticky tire tracks in the west end of the alley between 10th and 11th Avenue, just before the intersection with Hemlock Street. These were from one or two largish motor vihicles and one bicycle.

And I don’t mean skid marks either. I mean tacky-to-the-touch rubber tire prints left on the glimmering, superheated pavement; like the vulcanized tires had been soft wheels of cheese rolling across a sizzling hot skillet!

I have to wonder what it will feel like tomorrow if the temperature really hits 26° C as forecast; hotter than hell, I expect but I don’t expect the CBC News website to put it quite that way.

Anyway, be a pal tomorrow if you can and put out a shallow dish of water in a shady place for the benefit of dogs, cats, squirrels and birds. And don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated besides. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. Way too hot for me
    Be cool 😎


  2. Slowcrow permalink

    Makes me wonder about your water fountain campaign….. I know of water feature in a park shut off because houseless people were ‘hanging about’…. And trees removed (same problem, I guess….). 😧


    • I’m meaning to run another water fountain post, soon as I get around to creating a visualization of my second choice for a location, namely on South Granville, by the Indigo book store.

      I certainly worried that some notion that it would attract the wrong sort might have contributed to the utter lack of water fountains in the heart of Fairview which–to be honest–aims to be an upscale “eat and buy” destination. But I have lately had informal discussions with the South Granville Business Improvement Association, which does not seem to oppose the idea and may be willing to go to bat for it with the City of Vancouver.


      • I have asked for one at 7th and one at 10th. Bike routes seem to help make the case. 7th might happen sooner if they are digging things up for the Masonic Lodge development. The Fire Hall /Library site also seems like a no brainer to me.


      • I’m writing an updated post. I couldn’t help but notice that the drinking fountain serving the 10th Avenue bikeway on the northeast corner of Cambie and 10th, which was new in 2015, has already been replaced with an even newer fountain. If this fountain was located on either of the west corners of the intersection it would be just inside the Fairview neighbourhood but, as such, it is in Mount Pleasant.

        Notably, the fountain at Cambie and 10th is only 820m and 430m from other drinking fountains in Mount Pleasant but if you stay on the 10th Avenue bikeway going west, you will not see another fountain for 3.22 km, until 10th and Balsam, which is in Kitsilano, the neighbourhood on the west side of Fairview!

        Really now!


  3. R.Clarke permalink

    If you go to whet your whistle at the fountain on the SW corner of sixth and Yukon you’ll notice the water gets warmer the longer you run it which seems odd but at least it’s wet! Look forward to your next fountain post.


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