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Vancouver police respond with weapons drawn on South Granville

May 16, 2018

Just before 7 p.m. Wednesday evening (May 16), Vancouver police, wielding firearms and Tasers, converged on the southeast corner of the intersection of South Granville Street and West Broadway Avenue and forcibly took down and briefly restrained a homeless male.

By 7:04 p.m. police had a red-bearded man face down on the sidewalk, with his hands apparently cuffed behind his back.

At least six uniformed police officers and another in plainclothes—who may have been a South Granville loss-prevention officer—calmly stood over the prone man while he yelled at bystanders, telling them that his name was Dennis and urging them to take photos and video of what the police were doing to him.

One of the bystanders could be heard telling others that the man had been seen “waving something” around.

But whatever it was that had led to the serious police response, it did not result in an arrest. By 7:16 p.m. police had released the young man who, looking understandably dazed, quickly ducked out of sight into the mouth of the back alley on the south side of the 1400 block of West Broadway. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. Nakota permalink

    Vancouver Police are tough. The homeless guy sure didn’t need this big takedown. More stress, anxiety, and post dramatic stress added to his life. Who’s going to help him?????😂


    • Many homeless people have a background of being abused and are already dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Being threatened out of the blue by armed police can only add to their stress. Lately there has been widespread outrage over a series of high-profile cases of black people having the police called on them for no good reason. Meanwhile, there is little discernible outrage that every single day, in every city in North America, homeless people are getting the police called on them for no other reason than they are homeless. (and therefore inherently suspicious.)


  2. Sharon permalink

    Regardless of his housing status, if he was brandishing a weapon, this is the standard police procedure – for everyone’s safety. It would be preferable if the mental health team could help the guy long before it cames to this – but alas… our system does not seem to work that way.


  3. Good grief, who called the cops for waving “something?” I tend to wave at this corner, too.


    • The assumption, of course, is that the poor fellow was waving something sharp but who knows? The police were not in a question-answering mood.


    • Sharon permalink

      Perpetua…if you were slashed by a box cutter that was being waved around by a person in mental distress on a public sidewalk, would you be upset?

      Right. thought so. So if someone…ANYONE calls the police because someone is waiving around a device that could harm, it is for YOUR protection and to prevent someone from being charged with assault with a deadly weapon or worse…


      • Were you slashed by a box cutter? You seem to be upset with our comments more than the incident itself.


  4. Sharon permalink

    Police never respond in that manner unless someone reported seeing a weapon. My employees have been assaulted by individuals with mental illness lunging at them with a box cutter, needles, knives etc. on a public street. Nobody gets paid enough to be dead at the end of a work day. Police respond in a manner to use the least amount of force possible. In my mind… that is a good thing.


    • Just to break in here. There would be hell to pay If someone ended up being injured (accidentally or on purpose) after the VPD ignored reports of a sharp object being wielded in public. Police have no choice but to respond to such a report. We have to hope that they have the training and judgement to respond professionally and proportionately.

      I certainly trust the intent of the police but I still believe in monitoring the outcome, just to make sure.

      What was that old Russian proverb Ronald Reagan never tired of throwing at his friends in the Soviet Union? Oh yes: “Доверяй, но проверяй”—”trust but verify.”


      • Sharon permalink

        You are right Stanley, there would be hell to pay.


  5. Slowcrow permalink

    PWS (persons without structures), are being pushed to the very limit of mental and physical endurance, every hour of the day. I just CANNOT understand WHY. Very inhumane. ( Everybody loves more acronyms, right?? ) Can’t find emojis on my new phone…… WTH!!!! Milder version of WTF……


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