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A dog(e) lays back on Broadway

May 25, 2018

Gracious living in Vancouver.

I’m fascinated by those Vancouver dog owners who carry their mutts for a walk the way that a Christian Madonna cradles the sweet baby Jesus, or the way that I would cradle a pooch made of solid platinum that I was taking to the vet for its annual de-worming and polishing.

I saw one of these cosseted canines on Friday (May 25) lounging supinely in the arms of a woman standing on the sidewalk outside the McDonald’s in the 1400 block of West Broadway. She was waiting for her partner, who was ordering food in the restaurant. The dog was clearly accustomed to not have to wait for anything.

Wow! So comfort. Much pamper

You’re right, the ears did move.

When I asked the woman if I could photograph her dog she consented and then told me that she was going to turn her head.

I waited a moment to satisfy myself that she hadn’t turned away from me out of politeness, in order to cough. But no, she just wanted to keep her face out of my photos. The dog, for its part, simply remained oblivious to my presence.

By this time I knew better than to ask the woman for her name but she did tell me that the dog’s name was pronounced: “Seka” and I heard the spelling as “seicha”, or “seichha.”

After she told me dog’s name the woman also made sure to tell me what kind of dog it is and I don’t mean the breed, which I think is a Japanese Shibu Inu—made famous by the Internet Doge meme of 2013, which combined photos of Shibu Inu with various fractured superlatives set in the Comic Sans typeface.

I mean that it’s the kind of dog that has it’s own Instagram account.

But you probably guessed that already.

Unfortunately, despite much searching, I was unable find an Instagram account for a dog (or a doge) going by anything like the names above.

The one thing that this pampered pooch didn’t have was a business card listing it’s name and contact information, which seems like an oversight, all things considered. Click the images to enlarge them.

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  1. Nelson permalink

    Thanks for that chuckle.


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