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Random snaps from the first daze of August

August 3, 2019

Weirdly threatening clouds, Thursday morning at 7:46 a.m.

The new month began on something of a dark note, insomuch as the clouds in the western sky on Thursday morning (August 1st) arranged themselves in the most eerie and menacing way.

I really did not know what to expect—though I confess that I hoped for lots of refreshing rain. Instead, as I recall, the grey cloud cover dispersed by 9 a.m. and the day that prevailed was both hot, sunny and muggy.

The rain in the lane fell hardly on the pane

Beaded water on a window sill indicates some overnight rainfall but the dirt on the window shows how little actually fell.

I awoke Friday (August 2nd) to find evidence of overnight rain but not even enough to wash the dust and dirt off windows!

An hour-or-so-later, in the McDonald’s restaurant in the 1400 block West Broadway, I had my usual window seat looking out on the morning rush hour traffic.

Several of us in McD’s did a double take at the confusing spectacle presented by a triple-wheeled vehicle stopped at the light

The first thing that caught my eye in this traffic was a near optical illusion caused by the ultra-unusual, ultra-expensive form of a three-wheeled Slingshot electric roadster waiting for the light to change.

The topless EV cross between a car and a motorcycle looked almost like a cutaway view of the inside of the silver, four-door sedan that it was juxtaposed beside.

Homelesse oblige in action

One of my homeless peers exercises his prerogative to jaywalk through the light morning rush hour traffic on West Broadway.

Less than an hour after the apparition of the Slingshot, I stopped what I was doing to watch one of my homeless peers—someone I’ve known for 15 years—make an almost surreal passage across West Broadway, in the middle of the block.

Probably a royal pain for the drivers but his serene highness made it safely across.

The way that my street-embedded acquaintance wore his weathered, grey sleeping bag like a cape—so that it dragged on the pavement behind him—and the seemingly obedient way that the cars and buses all stopped to allow his slow, heedless passage, all contributed to give an accidental air of majesty to the otherwise pedestrian act of jaywalking.

A small bird stubbornly perching on the door of the McD’s in the 1400 block of West Broadway, just before 3 p.m., on Friday.

Later, on Friday afternoon, I returned to the same McDonald’s, only to be greeted by another, singularly curious sight.

Perched on the bottom lip of the wood that framed the glass of one of the two doors at the entrance to the restaurant was a small bird—a house sparrow, I think.

Even as customers on the inside of the restaurant pushed open the door to leave, the small bird continued to stubbornly cling to the outside of the door.

All the while, its gaze was directed at the glass. But whether it was looking through the glass, or just at its reflection in the glass could not be known.

Either way, it appeared to be mesmerized somehow.

Trying to get the bird-brained…bird’s attention.

Finally, concerned bystanders were able to prompt the bird to leave its precarious perch.

But it only traded the former position for an even more perilous one on the sidewalk, directly in the way of foot traffic. And when the the threat of feet finally made it fly, it landed on the road, at the curb edge, underneath an eastbound bus stopped to load passengers.

As the bird was now at imminent risk of being crushed by the wheels of the soon-to-depart bus, more passers-by gently coaxed it back up onto the sidewalk.

This time the bird’s flight took it under a transit bench.

And here, out of harm’s way, it apparently regained its bearings (and/or its senses); at least it soon flew off of its own accord.

This put an end to any immediate fears for the little bird’s safety but not the mystery of its dazed behaviour.

And the episode likewise puts an end to this blog post, if not the dazed reader’s speculation as to the point of it all. Click the images to enlarge them.

  1. Such an eventful day on a daze. The bird must have flown into something and knock the living bejesus out of its pea brain. This has more sense than the expensive three wheeler and your friend who has a death wish.


    • Choice comment!


      • Slowcrow permalink

        Great post! Do hope picks up your picture as marketing strategy….. Ad guys are pretty inventive…. Do hope you’ve listened to the CBC radio show “Under the Influence”, its on 690am Saturdays plus other time slots. Lots of archived shows on his website. As for that bird, I can’t help wondering about the wildlife deaths (and displacements) caused by those beloved fireworks…. Perhaps they aren’t so benign. Sure glad your water campaign is moving forward!!!! (Dairy farms sometimes have misters set up for the cows. People AT LEAST deserve the same)


      • Thanks. I’m sure the fireworks play some havoc with city birds. I still remember one year when seemingly all the smoke from one fireworks night settled over Fairview. That certainly played havoc with Fairview’s human residents.

        I hope to get blog-quality photos of the temporary misting station so I can write a post for Sunday. I’m kind of backlogged with a serious post demanding much support research and unexpected expansion—hence the fluffy (but hopefully still enjoyable) “photo” post to kind of keep my hand in.


  2. Sorry Stanley but I like your fluff material. Its almost like a post card. Great picture that makes you feel good or wish you were there. A lot like Norman Rockwell


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