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Last night’s Moon was close but still not close enough

March 10, 2020

The Moon seen Monday at 9:49 p.m., over the “ToyMac” sign in the 1100 block of West Broadway.

Monday evening at 11:31 p.m. (March 9) marked the March lunar perigee in Vancouver—when the Moon was as close to the Earth as its slightly off-kilter orbit will allow all month.

But, however close the Moon was, it still wasn’t close enough to be more than a blur to any of my dumpster-dived point-and-shoot cameras—though the cameras and I gave it our best shot.

Perhaps it made an adverse difference that I took my photos nearly two hours before the exact time of the March perigee but I doubt it.

So close but yet so far

The same Moon, badly photographed, at 9:42 p.m., from West Broadway and Alder.

If the distance does count when photographing the Moon then I had best not bother trying on March 24—that’s when the year’s farthest lunar apogee will occur and the Moon will be all of 406,692 km from the Earth.

Curiously, the nearest lunar perigee of 2020 will take place a mere 10 days later, on April 7. The Moon will then inch (so to speak) within 356,907 km of the Earth.

Distance-wise, the April 7 perigee of the Moon will be 49,785 km closer to the Earth than the March 24 apogee. This is about equal to the equatorial circumference of the Earth (40,075 km) plus the stretch between Rio de Janeiro and Reykjavik.

The difference between the observed size of the Moon at its apogee (farthest distance from Earth) and perigee (closest) has been described as being akin to the difference between a nickel and a quarter (U.S. or Canadian).

The “change” in apparent size of the Moon between apogee (the nickel) and perigee (the quarter).

  1. I always learn something from your posts – thank you. But, I must add, one correction, this time around: those moon photos are NOT bad photography. They are evocative, and very real. They pull us in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Slowcrow permalink

    There were so many stars visible last night!! Could the air be cleaner? I heard there was an Italian senior who was delighted he could see the bottom of, what, maybe a canal, like when he was a boy? Not any traffic right now churning up the water…..?


  3. Slowcrow permalink

    Yes, out here most plug ins had been secured to prevent device charging, long ago. Although free electric vehicle charging stations continued……. Those community facilities are now closed tho…… Maybe some of your followers could pony up for some power banks and refill when required. I sure hope WiFi access is still available at libraries, etc. We’re all thinking of you. Stay safe…. (Does Chatr still have unlimited WiFi plan? )


    • I was never aware that Chatr had an unlimited WiFi plan. My peers only seem to use it for local calling. Anyway, electricity and blogging aside, I am fine. I hope that everyone else will be As well!


  4. Your camera is better than my cheap Ipad and Iphone. Hey, How are you doing Stanley? McD is non accessible for in house sitting. Where do you go to write? Take care.


    • I wrote a quickie piece on my phone for the online West End Journal and I have put up stuff on Twitter using my phone but have not gotten a blog post done on my laptop for many, many days.


      • Glad to hear from you Stanley. If you are getting sick, please let me know.


  5. Slowcrow permalink

    Yes, I had unlimited Data prepaid Chatr plan. $40 for 4gb. After that, unlimited but slower. Can’t find out if it’s still available. Now I pay $60 15gb (and I assumed slower unlimited……). Woman CSR at Vancouver Library said their WiFi signal is still active the normal hours. And those hairdryers in washrooms are unhealthy apparently. With all the services shutdowns and NOTHING real taking up the slack, this is gonna be kinda like a peat bog on fire. Just unbelievable!!!! (Community supported isn’t THAT inhumane, just not sexy enuf……) Bastards!


  6. Slowcrow permalink

    Good to see you’re still getting things done. Bottle depots are all closed out here, rumors about opening Friday….. One of those large detergent containers make a usable hand washing station, add some dish soap. Maybe something a little stronger too……(?????) If you can leave it in a secure sunny spot, in a black plastic bag, you “might” even get warm water…. These are strange times hang in there!


  7. Slowcrow permalink

    IGA stores seem to be taking Avalon milk bottle returns. Must be clean, as usual. “One person’s discard is another person’s Loonie…..”. Lol. BTW check out” rubber tramp ” (all one word) for some thoughtful and useful info). Sorry ‘ bout this….. I simply must learn to Tweet. Looks like fun. Hang in there! I’m glad somebody else is “waiting for the book”. I haven’t read Ace Backward’s book and I think it’s probably a lot different from yours……


    • I will keep this in mind, although IGA is notorious for its pickiness about bottle returns at the best of tines.

      Twitter is easy on a phone, whereas properly blogging WordPress is not. It’s easy enough to approve your comment using the WP mobile app but the app sucks for post creation. At the same time using the full WP web client on a phone also sucks.

      Not being able to reliably plug in my laptop out of the direct elements kind of sucks.

      The fact that spring is here and the air is that much sweeter for the lack of traffic does not suck!

      Stay happy and safe everyone.


  8. Just a note Stanley. The 2 return it depots in Chilliwack are open. I dont think they ever closed


    • Thanks. That’s good to know.


      • Slowcrow permalink

        Great to see a humane move forward at the emergency shelter set up at the Vernon Curling Club! A form of “sleeping pods”!!! The total lack of any privacy, use to always terrify ME regarding using these sites. There are many options to treat ” guests” with at least as much consideration as we would offer to stray dogs. ( And of course, everyone “Hang in there!”


      • Slowcrow permalink

        Darn that spell check (sometimes)….. That website is e d a


      • Thank you. I will check it out.


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