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Kent Crawford. This British Columbia landscape painter, atomizes and reconstructs nature. At first glance, the result is accessible, and mainstream, a second look reveals mesmerizing complexity.

Commonwealth Yarns. Offering the kind of legacy yarns the proprietress grew up with in New Zealand, which are far superior to the “Big Box” yarns flooding the market today.

Guardian Storage. Centrally-located, with a good selection of locker sizes; metal construction; well-maintained, and secure. Friendly helpful staff. Ask for Totò.

Go Green Bottle Depot and Recycling. Grab a few! One of the Encorp Pacific depots. Not just bottles, but a drop-off point for paint and electronics.

The Mac Market. A one-of-a-kind, Apple store offering consignment sales, and servicing. I’ve dealt with them since 1999. They’re in a kind of “computer row” at 4th and MacDonald, with two other shops — one being PC Galore — offering used PCs and servicing, in the same block.

PovNet. In their own words: “Building an online anti-poverty community.” The site serves B.C. and Canada’s marginalized (whether physically, mentally, socially, economically, or otherwise), as well as the advocates and community workers, who help them, by facilitating communication and access to current, useful law and services information.