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The bearable lightness of being fall in Vancouver


Friday is more than than three-quarters over so I think it’s safe to say that today has been nice from beginning to end.

For the last six hours or so it’s been nice in a sunny way. Before that is was nice and overcast and even earlier it was the nicest misting rain you could ask for. Read more…

Dumpster diver finds semi-precious stone


The Moonstone’s blinking charge light and slightly worn Apple Lightning connector.

Yesterday a dumpster diver wanted me to appraise something he had dug out of someone’s garbage.

The glossy white thing was adorned with the words “Lepow Stone Power” and punctuated by three USB ports (one with a cable still attached) so it was obviously tech of some kind. Otherwise it was the right size and shape to be a very serviceable skipping stone.

Read more…

Aquilini’s Oak St. tear-down tenants face weird damage deposit hurdle


A tenant of the Santa Fe apartment building told me this morning that Aquilini’s building management people have been insisting on walk-through inspections of the soon-to-be-demolished suites before they will return any tenant’s damage deposit.

Back in 2012, when Francesco Aquilini’s Aquilini Investment Group bought the Santa Fe apartments on the corner of Oak Street and 14th Avenue, it was clearly with the intent of knocking it down, so it’s no surprise that he let the building fall further into a state of disrepair.

But justĀ  as the real estate developer and owner of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team is getting set to demolish the historic Fairview building he’s suddenly developed a bizarre concern for the state of the individual apartments.

Tenants wanting their damage deposits back are apparently being required to submit to an actual inspection to prove they are leaving their apartments just as they found them. Building management is insisting on this even though not a single apartment will escape the wrecker’s ball, expected to fall soon after the tenants are all gone.

The deadline for everyone to be out of the building was originally September 30 but has been slightly extended to a final-final deadline of October 3. Read more…

Bicycle lanes aren’t motorcycle parking spots!


It was as a spectator that I saw the motorcycle parked in the bicycle lane on the southwest corner of the intersection of 8th Avenue and Yukon Street a few days ago.

Had I been using that bicycle lane I know I would have been sorely tempted to kick the motorcycle over as I was forced to veer left into traffic to get around it.

I’m only saying I would’ve been tempted. Hopefully I would never do such a mean thing. I certainly wouldn’t like it if I owned a motorcycle and someone booted it off its kickstand just because I was an idiot. Read more…

Fairview is on a bit of a classic car jag


Classic cars and trucks are becoming a common sight in Fairview — more so the farther west you go.

Kitsilano — the next neighbourhood to the west — must be filthy with them.

But in a neighbourhood where the rare and uncommon are commonplace — where it’s nothing to see parking lots full of expensive Land Rovers or Lexuses, or even lines of restored 1950s pickup trucks — a Jaguar E-Type sports car remains a rare and welcome sight. Read more…

What to make of a dumpster-full of iTunes cards


My first thought was someone could have made themselves a very nice shower curtain with all the AppleĀ  iTunes gift cards in the dumpster behind the Stapes office supplies store on West Broadway Avenue. Hundreds and hundreds of them, in different denominations and colours. Each one has a holographic iTunes logo on it…oooh, shiny!

Just the thing for an Apple fangurl –or fanboi — who likes to sing in the shower.

That’s what I thought until someone pointed out that iTunes gift cards — as plastic as they looked — were made of pressed paperboard.

Sometimes the truth is…troublesome.

Read more…


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