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Scrapping with the scrappy scrap collector


Disappointed “treasure hunter”. The metal he tried to take was bolted down.

Today I foolishly stupidly entered into a confrontation with another of the many people who go through the back alleys of Fairview looking for things of value.

He wasn’t a binner; he wasn’t looking for returnable beverage containers. Neither was he a dumpster diver. Nor was he homeless. He might have been a scrap collector or a flea marketeer but most certainly he was an opportunist. Read more…

The condemned Santa Fe was an artful building


The vacated and eventually to-be-gutted  Santa Fe apartment building at 2975 Oak Street is no beehive of activity. But it may not quite be the abandoned wasp nest I’ve taken it for.

On Monday two original signed paintings on canvas turned up by the building’s recycling blue bins (the commercial garbage dumpster has been removed).

It’s possible that someone living in one of the neighbouring apartments left the canvases where I found them but I think not. The neighbours have their own dumpsters to fill. Any risk of the site becoming a dumping ground comes from visiting drive-bys more than residents of the block.

I take the appearance of the paintings as an indication that something is quietly going on behind those closed doors and boarded windows. And if the painting came out of the Santa Fe then that further suggests at least one of the tenants was an art collector or that two of them painted. Read more…

The homeless wish it was also raining socks


This is the time of year when people think about collecting and donating warm clothes  for the homeless people — things like coats and boots and socks. Thank you everyone.

Honestly though, this time of year Metro Vancouver’s homeless people don’t need warm coats and boots. They need 100 percent waterproof coats and boots. Read more…

May not know art but I know what it looks like


I love this painting I found over the weekend. It looks an elephant holding a heart spelling the word “pile” inside a duck’s head. It’s lmost as good as clouds. Click the image to enlarge it.

Hey police…why so much killing?


As the latest victim of of a fatal shooting by Vancouver police is identified, people are rightly questioning why our police even drew a gun on the man. Yes he was holding a two-by-four but no accounts suggest he ever threatened anyone. And an eye witness account says he was no threat when police shot him.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s shooting appears to be part of a 21st Century trend in Canadian law enforcement to “shoot first and ask questions later”.

We need to find out why police in Vancouver and across most of Canada are killing more people than ever before. Read more…

Rather pedestrian photograph of our rainy day


At about 4 p.m. this afternoon I was on West Broadway Avenue stopped in the westbound lane at the intersection with Cambie Street.

I had my camera ready so that when the light changed to green I could snap a few photos looking north towards the rush hour traffic on the Cambie Bridge.


I didn’t get the shot I wanted but I did document for posterity the “corner cutting” habit many people induldge in on the northeast side of the intersection.

When the crosswalk light changes to green, these people will begin crossing from the mouth of the alley in the middle of the block, taking a diagonal tack towards the marked crosswalk.

So maybe they’re only halfway jaywalking but I think they’re more than half at risk of being hit by cars turning right onto Cambie Street. Click the image to enlarge it.


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