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You really had to be there


This panorama photo looks east down the alley on the south side of West Broadway. My back is to the alley on the east side of Granville Street. Closest to the viewer on their right hand side is the back of Fire Hall No. 4 and beside that is the back of the Fire Hall Public Library branch.

On the other side of the alley is the back of Jordans, a large, family-owned, furniture store.

Last year Jordans began gussying up the alley entrance to their building with modern-looking brown metal cladding and just in the last two weeks they have added a very large lightbox sign. So it would seem that they’ve decided to showcase the alley-side entrance to their store — perhaps the street side on West Broadway Avenue now looks a bit too “street” for the carriage trade which is their bread and butter. Read more…

The Zen of waiting


This is Zen, a cuddly dog with his cuddly toy dog, calmly waiting for his owner this morning outside the McDonalds at Broadway and Granville. Zen was tail-waggingly happy to greet each and every person coming out of the restaurant. Friendly! Or was it because we all smelled like Egg McMuffins? Click the image to enlarge it.


Game Over for this computer art


Possibly Microsoft’s Windows 8 has a “prior art” issue with Tetris?

At first glance I thought maybe someone had thrown out a Surface RT tablet (sure I did) but then I realized it was an unfinished painting of a Windows 8 Start menu — don’t ask me why someone would do that.

Funny I never noticed before how much the Metro/Modern interface of Windows 8 looks like Tetris, the venerable old 1980s computer game. Personally I prefer Tetris. I tend to lose playing Windows 8. Click the image to enlarge.

Power flower


Spring means fresh landscaping opportunities.

Where the new generation of multi-unit pedestal towers are concerned, the law apparently specifies a footprint that’s just shy of putting the building’s front entrance right on the sidewalk. This doesn’t give landscapers¬† a lot of canvas to work with and often they’re reduced to just pegging a handful of flowers into a few thin ribbons of dirt.

That’s about the sum of what a landscaper was able to do around the entrance of a pedestal tower on the southeast corner of Spruce Street and West Broadway Avenue. Just a weak show of small yellow flowers, but for one — the one pictured above. The flower that’s obviously in charge!

It’s much larger than the others with glossy blood-red petals, seemingly brushed with cyan and yellow — but you can more or less see that in the photo. The neon electric quality of the colour was, however, too big to fit in my little adventure camera. Read more…

Not playing it safe, playing it cool!


The beard, the bright turban, the goggles — so awesome!

We have helmet laws in British Columbia. Not only do I agree with them, I feel distinctly naked if I try to ride my bike without wearing my bike helmet — I know…too much information.

The point is, much as I believe cyclists should wear helmets — they do save lives — I also have to say I loved seeing this guy riding down West Broadway Avenue today. He looked perfect just the way he was.

I have to wonder if anything that looks so right can really be totally wrong? Click the image to enlarge.


Is that a brand new bulb?


Wow, the sun was dazzled this morning! I couldn’t even see exactly what I was trying to photograph.

The shot worked just fine in spite of my blindness, so perhaps that’s the proper way to use a “point and shoot”¬† camera — just randomly point — turn a blind eye — and shoot away. Click the image to enlarge it.


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