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Zombie Selena looks to sink her teeth into something


Selena turned up at a Fairview McDonald’s on Halloween evening to grab a bite and to slake her thirst for sugar water, proving at least two things:

Even the undead can have a sweet tooth and when the zombie apocalypse finally comes, dentists are going to be in big demand — as appetizers. Read more…

Waiting for the waterworks to end


Up until just after Noon it was touch-and-go weather-wise. Somewhere around 11 a.m. the rain was coming down so hard where I was at the corner of Granville Street and Broadway Avenue that I actually worried for the safety of the salmon spawning somewhere in the Fraser River — one arm of which was only seven kilometres south at the end of Granville Street.

I considered emailing the officials at the local office of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans to suggest that the two of them get out and deploy the tiny salmon signs and barricades.

One wrong turn in this downpour, I thought, and preoccupied salmon could end up on Granville Street — maybe even in rush hour traffic. Read more…

They forgot the ears of corn

Today I saw a carved pumpkin in the entrance way of a Fairview apartment building. I immediately  identified the “carrot” but I was in a hurry.  It wasn’t until I looked at the photos later that I realized the tiny “pumpkins” were actually “apples”. And only then did I see the “banana”. Click the image to enlarge it.

An artful old “Private Parking” sign


By themselves, there’s little to distinguish many of the Fairview neighbourhood’s old three-storey apartment buildings, aside from street addresses and the colour of their latest coat of paint.

But apartment buildings are all about people, inside and out and people can’t help but leave their unique mark where ever they go.

One Fairview apartment building — a typical “postwar” stucco box with windows all around and doors front and back — stands out from its neighbours in the smallest way — it has an interesting hand-painted “Private Parking” sign.

The apartment building itself went up in 1956, making it 58 years old but it’s well maintained and doesn’t look a day over 30. The strip of parking behind the building looks brand new because it is; within the last year it was completely ripped up and repaved following an excavation to remove an old oil tank.

The little bit of parking lot is guarded by an equally modest “Private Parking” sign that was hand painted 41 years ago. I know this because the sign painter signed and dated his work. Read more…

Ana the pineapple express runs out of steam


Tropical Storm Ana — what was left of it — was forecast to arrive sometime yesterday and bring with it heavy rain and high winds. Vancouver waited and Vancouver prepared but nothing happened.

The storm that finally straggled into town at about 9 a.m. this morning was definitely travel-weary and winded.

There were the usual excuses for being late — ran into another weather system on the way, got to exchanging air masses — that sort of thing.

Whatever the reasons, in four days and over 4,000 kilometres it went from being a hurricane to a “were-icane”.

And less than two hours after it had arrived, it had already blown through town and was gone. Hardly worth the trip if you ask me. Read more…

Clearing the decks and sidwalks for a big storm


All day Vancouver has been waiting for an especially big helping of rain and wind. Any minute now the leftovers from Tropical Storm Ana are expected to hit Vancouver hard.

The prospect seemed to particularly galvanize apartment building managers — across the Fairview neighbourhood and into both East Vancouver and the Cambie Village area they were busy…collecting leaves. Read more…


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