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More cheap thrills from Jonathan Rogers Park


Jonathan Rogers Park is less than two block away from the Go Green bottle depot so I ride by it a lot. I also stop and enjoy it from time to time.

The park boasts a washroom, soccer goal posts, a small children’s play area and a concrete wading pool which has not deliberately been filled in living memory. Mostly it is a one block rectangle of grass fringed on two sides by trees — and residents seem to like it that way. Read more…

Fight junk mail with a junk email account


Sometimes you want some freebie a website is offering — a music file, a report, perhaps a technical preview of their new operating system. Often as not the website requires you to signup and provide personal details such as your name and email. Quite likely the whole point of offering the freebie is to harvest your personal information.

Before it will hand the thing over, the website may further insist on sending you a message with a link you have to click on to verify the email address you supplied.

You can avoid unpleasant repercussions from your casual Internet liaison, such as a lifetime of spam, by using a disposable email address service (DEA).

There are many free disposable email services. Each provides you with an instant free web-based email address and inbox. There are no signups, logins or passwords. Disposable email services do not allow you to compose new messages and all inboxes are publicly accessible. Read more…

One of the ultra tiny spiders of Vancouver


This afternoon my attention was captured by a tiny spider scampering across the rough surface of a wooden utility pole in a Fairview back alley.

Mostly I was interested in it because I could tell it wasn’t a European garden spider — for a change.

From a quarter block away the markings on its white abdomen looked like brown chevrons.

Up close — 15 centimetres close — I could see that the spider — not much more than five millimetres long — had a dark body and legs which were mostly covering with thick white hair. It’s abdomen was covered by white and brown hair giving the appearance of brown stripes on white. The pattern was symmetrically mirrored along the axial centreline of the spider’s abdomen. Read more…

Old and new coffee shop murals of Cambie St.

The new mural on the Starbucks at Cambie and 19th.

The new mural on the Starbucks at Cambie and 19th.

After the coffee house chain JJ Bean angered many Cambie Village residents this last August by destroying a popular mural on the side of their new Cambie Street location, the established Starbucks coffee house a block away has created a pleasing new mural of their own.

The mural is on the south side of the Sturbucks coffee shop on the southeast corner of Cambie Street and 19th Avenue. It depicts a view looking north down Cambie Street towards Vancouver’s downtown skyline.

The mural seems finished but for a large white oval hole which is the exact shape needed to contain a Starbucks logo. In fact the entire mural is painted almost exclusively in the colour palette of the Starbucks logo: black, white and green.

Branding aside, the trees and green in the design nicely echo the three green wooden benches flanked by large trees. All in all the mural makes a fitting backdrop to the popular sitting area. Read more…

Autumn continues to be a story worth sharing


Such ornate and tiny little flowers!

I spent a lot of the day yesterday (October 17) ranging through the alleys along the the southern and eastern fringes of Fairview, which are that much greener and woodier than the concrete and asphalt centre of the neighbourhood. And of course I took photographs. Read more…

You go squirrel!


Squirrels are what what they eat.

That’s right. I’m saying they’re nuts but I mean it in the nicest possible way.

Their evolutionary firmware is so out of tune with reality I think they must live in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance.

Nature has equipped squrrels to survive best in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Sooner or later that fact must dawn on their little squirrel brains — that nothing quite goes the way they expect and it must grate on them. Read more…


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