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His other car isn’t a car, it’s a Lexicle


You know those tricycle contraptions made out of bicycle bits and wrapped in an aerodynamic wind faring? Where the cyclist is positioned on their back or stomach inside what looks like a pedal-powered cruise missile?

Those¬†recumbent torpedoes all seem to be about maximizing the cyclist’s power output while minimizing the drag coefficient.

Yesterday off Cambie Street I saw a completely different sort of trike vehicle. It wasn’t designed to race, just get someone to the grocery store and back again, quickly and comfortably. Read more…

Cloudy with a chance of justice

Today I saw a cloud that gave me the unmistakable impression of a super-powered wiener dog flying to the rescue; its cape stretched out in a straight line by the terrific acceleration. You will believe a dachshund can fly! Click the image to enlarge it.


Snorting Splenda — don’t try this at home kids!


Anyone up for a little “skiing” on the kiddie hill?

Kids do the damnedest things.

Yesterday, while I was in one of my favourite South Granville Restaurants (which would prefer to go unnamed), I noticed a grubby, chubby kid in a hoody and shorts standing outside with his back to the main entrance. It so happened that while I was looking at him he emptied the white powdered contents of two yellow packets into the palm of one of his hands; the hand and his face met halfway and he appeared to energetically snort up whatever powder he was holding.

The lad stood still for a bit before turning and coming into the restaurant. He brushed by a woman on his way to the counter where he ordered food. Read more…

Windows 8 — Shockingly poor on a Surface Pro


The Surface Pro 2. On the surface, it almost looks like a laptop, which should be a clue,

Monday evening I had my first brief opportunity to play with one of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets running Windows 8.1.

The experience was a disappointing eyeopener.

Windows 8, supposedly made to excel on tablets, turned out to be even less satisfying on a touchscreen tablet than it has been for me on a laptop.

The superficial tablet-friendly features of Windows 8 can’t hide the fact that it’s still a desktop operating system at heart. It still requires a keyboard and a mouse to easily access critical functionality. And now that I’ve actually tasted Windows 8 on a tablet I can say that nothing on show in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 changes that fact. Read more…

No wonder the salmon looks surprised


This morning I encountered a rarity: a fish head — a salmon to be precise — sitting pretty as you please in the back alley on the east side of South Granville. Never seen one in an alley before. Wasn’t exactly sure where it may have come from.

Such a choice bit of seafood should have attracted its share of crows and seagulls (seagulls do still like the occasional taste of fish, just for old times sake).

And under normal circumstances it would have been covered in birds but in this case the outside temperature was such that I’m sure the fish head was frozen solid as a rock. Read more…

Last wasp standing — just barely


Very possibly this is was the last living worker wasp in Vancouver.

Right up until the end, wasps spend their short eight months on this earth in a constant blur of activity.

I like to imagine the fanciful possibility that they live sped-up lives — like pressing the fast forward button on a Barry White recording until he sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk.

If this were true then wasps would perceive time at a subjective rate that allowed them to enjoy the equivalent of, say, a two-year lifespan crammed into just 8 months.

Humans and other mammals would all seem to be moving…in…slow…motion.

Whatever the truth is however, there’s no denying that at the end of their lives wasps are anything but fast. They literally slow to a crawl. Read more…


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