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Last night’s last ray of sunshine


Last night’s sunset as seen from the 1400 block of West Broadway avenue was amazing, if only for the fact that any vestige of it could be seen at all.

After the day’s rain the wall of clouds only parted enough to reveal a ceiling of blue sky, not enough to allow any street-level view of the sunset. But just before it sank completely out of sight the sun managed to put out one last high beam.

Right there in the centre of my view of the northern sky was a little tiny polyp of cloud painted a delicate shade of pink; one last ray of sunshine that had manged to thread its way through the obstacles of cloud and building in order to illuminate the very top of the cloud bank opposite my window seat in McDonald’s.

Thank you, that was nice! Click the image to enlarge it.

I loved the berry wet day we had


A shining example of what I’m talking about.

Only as the day began to shade into evening did the grey clouds finally give way so that the sun might set in a blue sky. That was good of the clouds, I thought but they could afford to be generous; they had completely owned the past day and by all accounts they would reign supreme again on the morrow.

Did I write reign? I meant rain because that’s what we got from the clouds all day, not that I’m complaining.

They can rain on my parade all they like, I don’t mind, in fact I love it. Read more…

A pneumatic blonde of sorts

Balloon art is twisted at the best of times but this...

Balloon art is twisted at the best of times but this…

You can take it as a promise or a threat but I’m telling you — eventually, if you live long enough, you’ll see everything. This isn’t a feature of life so much as a side effect.

Today I’ve apparently lived long enough to see — not just my first balloon person — but a pinup-style one at that!

I have always accepted the existence of balloon animals. And of course I have long been aware that there was a kind of inflatable simulation of a woman but — for whatever reason — I have never considered that people could be a fit subject for balloon modelling. I don’t know why but there it is.

Now that I know better (or worse) all I can say is, that means there’s another kind of party that I never get invited to. Click the image to enlarge it.

Oh Canada goose!

Honk if you love Canada! A goose perched on the roof of 1482 West Broadway.

Gaggles of Canada geese arrive with all the fanfare of a traffic jam. A large skein of the angry (sounding) birds woke me with their loud honking last Friday morning as they flew in over False Creek.

There are now pairs of them all over the Fairview neighbourhood — more than usual, I think. Read more…

Deconstructing the Santa Fe

The gutting of the Santa Fe seen from the alley on the north side.

The Santa Fe seen from the alley on the north side of the building on April 21.

Between the eviction of the tenants in October of 2014, right up until March of this year, the historic little three-storey Santa Fe apartment building at 2975 Oak St has looked like any other condemned old Vancouver building.

In the intervening five months, the copper pipe and the insulation was removed from inside the building and the lot was cleared of all it old trees — as would be the case with any building slated for demolition.

But in the last five weeks, the redevelopment of the Santa Fe on the northwest corner of Oak Street and 14th Avenue has finally begun to show its unique character. Read more…

Two more signs of narrow mindedness


The last time I posted about the too-narrow block of back alley off of Spruce Street, back in January, I described how special signage had been put up to warn westbound vehicles in the alley.

The City of Vancouver has recently added two street signs flanking the western end of the block of alley. Each sign shows a silhouette of a truck crossed out inside of a red circle — an ideogram meaning “no trucks”.

This may satisfy some legal issue but it does nothing to solve the difficulties faced every week by the drivers of waste collection trucks — these professionals have no choice, one way or the other but to inch their wide vehicles through the bottleneck the western end of this short length of alley presents.

There are four or five dumpsters to be emptied on schedule, as well as three or four recycling blue bin sets to empty once a week. The drivers have to go to the garbage — it won’t come to them. Read more…


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