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My first wasp of the year looked really fried


This afternoon I spotted what I took for a freshly-minted brown paper wasp — my very first wasp sighting of the year!

Don’t ask my why but all I could think of while I was trying to photograph the little morsel thing was some succulent stir-fried ginger beef and greens. I know, weird huh? Click the images to enlarge them.


Hope the sun gives me another shot tomorrow

Wasn't expecting much out of this sunset and

My attention was more on the pop can in the dumpster to tell you the truth.

Veiled as it was behind swirling clouds, the sun descended Tuesday evening on the Fairview neighbourhood with all the subtlety of an arc light falling over. There wasn’t much chance of an interesting sunset I thought.

But I thought wrong; it just never pays to underestimate nature. Between 7 and 7:30 p.m. the swirly mishmash in the west moved aside with more than enough time to allow for a really nice, pinky, reddish yellow sunset.

I wasn’t expecting it and so I was in no position to see it directly. I had to settle for watching all those nice colours reflected in the windows of office buildings as I looked east down West Broadway Avenue. Click the images to enlarge them.


The actual sunset was behind me in the western sky.

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The preceding message was brought to you on behalf of CORVIDAE, the Crows Of Regional Vancouver In Dumpsters And Everything. Click the image to enlarge it.

The calm between the storms


It’s the morning after the rainy night before and Vancouver is enjoying a bit of a dry spell — complete with sunny breaks.

But it’s only a brief respite. Forecasters are telling us to shake the water off of our webbed feet and prepare for another freight-load of rain on the way. Click the images to enlarge them.


This is spring? You gotta be kidding!


It hasn’t let up for more than a few hours for days. Snow might be warmer.

I know the year is just three months old but does that really excuse the month of March for behaving so childishly as to throw a big temper tantrum, just because it has to make way for April?

Contrary to its reputation, March did not come in like a lion and I would be kidding to say that it’s going out like a lamb.

I could just spit it out and say that it’s pissing down rain but that would be rude. Instead, let’s say that it’s acting like a big crybaby and leave it at that. Click the images to enlarge them.

Wow! These pot lights don't get that hot. This is some cold rain.

Wow! These pot lights don’t get that hot. This is some icy cold rain.

Have you ever heard such bald-faced lies?


This morning I came across an unmarked paper grocery sack filled with what? returnable beverage containers, canned food, crisp $100 bills? Fagedaboutit!

No, the bag contained three stacked craft cardboard boxes. Each was the right size to hold a DVD player but they were actually filled with a selection of little empty plastic applicator bottles (mini versions of what you would get in a hair colouring kit) and miniature hair brushes along with some other small doo-dads. Oh, and there were some cassette tapes.

“Questions and Answers/Before You Begin/ Listen to Me”

That’s how Side B of one of the cassette tapes was labeled but all the cassettes were devoted to “Hair Farming”.

“Hair farming” is a term of ridicule that I associate with any species of early 1990s hair band, whether glam, pop or metal. Really, I know of no other context for it.

The cassette tapes I found however, have nothing to do with hairy music artists but rather, baldly lying con artists. Read more…


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