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The dumpster is alive with the…?


Is “rot-iron heavy metal” too redundant a term to describe the decorative bit of irony I found sticking out of a dumpster last night?

At least it reminded me why I should wear gloves when I poke around in the garbage — there’s always the risk of catching a nasty staff infection or something. Click the image to enlarge it.

How to lose yourself (or your art) in a book


I’m still searching for a neighbourhood where residents absentmindedly use $100 dollar bills as bookmarks. Last week I at least found a book in a part of the Fairview neighbourhood where someone had marked their place with a fine limited edition print, so I think I’m getting warm! Read more…

A Binner’s sunset


From the point of view of binners — those industrious scoundrels who go through the back alleys collecting returnable beverage containers — the wider world presents itself as a constant succession of discreet looks.

Slivers and patches seen just around corners, through fence slats, over and between buildings — everything beyond the immediate environment of the alley we are in plays a kind of peek-a-boo game with our senses.

You’d be right to say that we share this disjointed interaction with our natural environment with everyone else living in the big city.

The difference is that we can only wonder what the world looks like from the penthouse suites and the top floors of the highrise condos that are contributing to blocking our view of the world down at street level.

Some binners do at least go home to the brand new highrise social housing buildings around town but many more of the housed binners live in the old low-rise three-, four- and six-storey hotels in the Downtown Eastside.

As for the homeless, they’ve been effectively grounded by society and circumstances haven’t they? Click the image to enlarge it.

Paint-by-number woodwork should be a “thing”


For a brief moment this afternoon I thought maybe I’d struck it rich and found a hitherto unknown Group of Seven painting.

Then I realized that I wasn’t looking at an “A.Y. Jackson” or a “Lawren Harris” but rather a piece of artfully painted plywood.

Someone, not content to simply see sheep and goats in the passing clouds, had turned their attention instead toward this rectangle of engineered softwood and imagined an entire landscape — lake, sky, clouds and setting sun — all lined out in the swirling contours of the wood grain.

They had simply added the necessary colours to bring out the intelligent design.

The result isn’t a painting so much as a fun paint-by-number woodworking project.

Keep in mind that I may actually have it upside down. Click the image to enlarge it.

Oh no! Thieves stole the front, no the back…ah, never mind


The 32nd rule of security: the less you have to start with, the less there is to steal.

I wonder if you can get these unicycles with shocks and disk brakes and how hard it would be to haul a trailer with one? Click the image to enlarge it.

The Pink Viper takes his message of justice to the streets!


The enmascarados El Víbora Rosa, close friend of Right and sworn enemy of Wrong!

Don’t be a bully or the Pink Viper will kick your culo! That appears to be the message that the famed crusader for truth, justice and the Latin American Way brought to the streets of Vancouver today, February 25: international Anti-Bullying Day!

El Víbora Rosa (as he is properly known) has been called many things: a legend, a myth, a strong arm of justice and he is truly all those things — and more! He is also just a man. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us who wear pants and he puts his mask on with both hands, in case you were wondering.

He also washes his mask and cape by hand with just a little Woolite in cold water, “to keep the mask from shrinking and the cape a nice bright pink” he explained. Click the images to enlarge them. Read more…


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