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Some brickbats aimed at a condo

September 1, 2013

I woke up this morning to finally see the light. Hallelujah! I mean the light of the sun at 8:00 a.m, mercilessly raking the brick-facade condo opposite my parkade sleeping spot. This condo irks me, It’s there, blocking a beautiful view, and, because I see it a lot — twice a day in fact — I’ve noticed it’s quite a so-so job of bricklaying. And I am nothing if not a vengeful deity before I’ve had my morning coffee, so more pictures after the turn.

Like a relief map of Saskatchewan

I just happened to wake up and see the sun’s rays hitting the condo at such an oblique angle that the shallow dips and rises across the face of the brick work were revealed by the shadows they cast. I rejoiced. The wall looked like a relief map of part of Saskatchewanwhere I grew upvery flat, bu not perfectly so. I got out of bed, and, still in my frilly underthings, padded over to the edge of the parkade, and snapped some photos. Out loud, I muttered, “There, This’ll show them!” — as a group of scrubbed-shiny Jehovah Witnesses, trooped past me through the lane towards their Kingdom Hall. Don’t believe one of them looked directly at me, focused as they were, on higher things.

By the way, what may have been the last available condo unit, finally sold over a week ago, for the reduced price of a million-five. Click on the images above to enlarge them.


Two views, two hours apart. And no, I didn’t stand there for two hours between shots; I went back to bed for two hours..

Brickbats defined
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