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Snapfish… is that like a Filet-o-fish?

October 5, 2013

snapfish-logoWise people say that giving a person a fish only feeds them for a day, but giving them a fishing rod feeds them for a lifetime. So what if you give them a McDonald’s Monopoly contest instant win Snapfish prize — what does that do for them? I can only try to answer that question hypothetically, because, as a homeless person, I cannot complete the requirements for claiming my instant win Snapfish prize — NFA, and all that.

Snapfish describes itself as an online photo service. It’s services include photo sharing, and storage, but all it’s other services are heavily weighted towards providing photo prints, in book form, on coffee mugs, calendars and jewelery, and so on. A prize of online image storage might appeal to me, but, the sticker describes the prize as a 4″ x 6″ photo book, and I can’t begin to express how underwhelming that sounds to me.


Instant win sticker from an extra, extra, extra large McCafe cup. Feel free to redeem the prize, I’m not going to.

The instant win stickers list their instructions in really tiny type, so if your eyesight is not 20-20, and you live in Canada, here’s a sticker writ large. McDonald’s 2013 Monopoly prize redemption Web site:

While the McMonopoly contest is in effect, there are NO coffee card stickers. And, not to complain too much, but, today the price of my Double Quarter Pounder with cheese order (with large fries, and large coffee), increased from $9.33 to $9.55 CDN; that’s the third, or fourth McPrice increase this year. Click the images to enlarge them.

Another Snapfish sticker for someone to redeem

Update: McDonald’s Canada 2015 Monopoly offers Snapfish calendar prize.

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  1. I used your code, thanks! I had a code of my own, but I somehow screwed up the process, and it said that my code had already been redeemed, so I went searching on the interwebs for a new code, and yours came up!

    Possibly other fast food restaurants don’t raise their prices as frequently as McDonalds, McDonalds can almost price gouge, due to loyal customers.

    Thanks again for the snapfish code, I’ll share my photos with you if I ever run into you on the streets!

  2. Sandra Antler permalink


  3. Jen permalink

    I just got a “Crapfish” prize too, rather would have got nothing after reading what it was

    • There are people who people who do value what Snapfish does…I just don’t know any of them personally. That’s why I get a kick out of posting the codes — people actually redeem them! That makes me smile, as does your email address, your highness. 🙂

  4. Audrey Ann permalink

    Restaurant. McDonald et après bon

  5. i entered four different codes for four different prizes i was suppose to receive within 6 to 8 weeks i enter them all at different days in nov to date jan 8 2016 have heard any thing or received anything so was this a scam i woulf like an explanation thru email

    • Assuming that you mean you followed the procedure at McDonald’s Canada’s prize redemption web site then I would say that no, it’s not some fake scam. As to whether the official McDonald’s Monopoly contest is itself a bit of a scam, well, the jury is still out on that.

      I have never redeemed an online McDonald’s Monopoly prize. The Snapfish prizes especially don’t interest me, which is why I post the codes. Only one reader has gotten back to me to say that they redeemed one and received the prize.

      The 2015 McMonopoly contest in Canada closed on December 7th, I believe. If you followed through on the redemption process before that date then you should try to contact McDonald’s. The prize redemption site has a form for asking such questions. I am, in no way, connected to the Golden Arches. Good luck.

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